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Umrah Visa Only Services from UK for 2019-2019

Umrah is a religious practice for the Muslims at any time in the year. There is no time bar to perform it as you can even schedule it with your hajj package. Unlike hajj, Umrah is not obligatory for believers but optional practice as who has physical and financial capacity to manage it. This is surely the source of getting the plenteousness of Allah while following the Sunah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Ahead of planning your Umrah visit, you have to make sure that you fulfill all the requirements of visiting holy places to perform it. Below some pre-requisites are mentioned as to make you understand about the requirements of performing Umrah.

As per Saudi Laws, you are not allowed to apply for your Umrah visa on your own. You have to hire a travelling agent to make your Holy visit possible. Secondly, the Umrah Agent must be an authorized one. There are some companies and agents which do not have good reputation. Those low rated people always make you trouble during your journey. After having a reliable and trustworthy Umrah traveling agent, you have to complete the application with terms and conditions signed. You can get application form from your agent of from Saudi consulate. From the date of submission, the expiry of your passport must be of eight months or above. If a person having non-Muslim name must have a certificate attested by Mosque or religious center.

Saudi Umrah Visa Requirement in 2019, Price and Booking Services in UK for 2019

Two passport size pictures are also required with white background and this must be attached with your application form. A woman who is under 45 years of old is not allowed to perfom Umrah without a Mahram. However, the proof of relationship with male must require in the application form. A woman who has attained the age of 45 and above can perform Umrah without a Maham but for that matter she has to produce an NOC from her Mahram.

Children who are under age are not allowed to get Umrah visit without their elders. They must have attained the age of 18 or above to perform it. A vaccine certificate is also required to manage an Umrah visit. Either you are vaccinated or you have to have certificate to make you exempt from it. Visa for Holy places will not be issued to the person who has performed it within the last 6month. The concerned authorities have to manage millions of Muslim around the world who are waiting for their turn for performing Umrah. This is your Umrah Travel agent who can guide you to take all necessary actions to make your Holy visit possible. But you have to take care that you are dealt with a well reputed travelling agent to get Saudi Umrah Visa only services.