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It is significant to draw your attention towards the physical difficulties and problems which, as pilgrims, you are going to face during your pilgrimage to city Makkah. We repeatedly warn you about the necessity of doing this responsibility rather young and healthy. It is a long and tough journey during which requires your being baring and patient. Though, one thing is certain: whatever misadventures you're told, nothing must prevent you from answering to the call of the ALLAH Almighty to go to the sacred Land.

"If ALLAH Almighty invites me, I shall not refuse this invitation."

In spite of the difficulty of this mission, nothing compares to the beauty of heading to the sacred Land. You can enjoy your religious journey at most. You just call for to be morally and physically well-prepared.

One month before, make an excellent magnesium therapy. You can also try other mixtures prescribed and recommended by your doctor.It is always suggested that you keep on you few sportsmen cereal bars, as well as some sweets (chocolate bars, candies…etc.). This will be helpful in case you would have any discomfort (hypoglycaemia), you or any of the other accompanying pilgrims.You must to know that sleep is very little in performing pilgrimage to Makkah. We sacrifice our sleep in favour of taking ample advantages from our sacred journey.

Have your fill of sleeping before leaving for Umrah and Hajj, but do not overdo. If you get used of sleeping too much, you will not be then able to get up early for the namaz and worship during Hajj or Umrah. In addition, the few hours of sleep you will be limited to will never be sufficient. It is crucial to appropriately adapt one's body to physical effort before undertaking such a hard and challenging journey.

You require considering this preparation a number of weeks in advance. Though, you do not require huge efforts; few small exercises will do.Get yourself used to walk (half an hour a day would be a fine custom). Season your body to a little more perseverance and effort.It is necessary to visit your doctor before leaving to Makkah. The latter will advise you on the safety measures to employ and medicines to take in your first-aid kit. The doctor will also make complete assessment to decide whether your physical and health situation allows you to carry out the pilgrimage or not.

A visit to the dentist must also be paid, because a raging toothache or poorly looked after caries, would be a misfortune during Tawaaf.Already required for the visa, vaccines protect your body against the diseases and infections which could be easily caught because of the direct contact with pilgrims coming around the globe.Children too, require updating all the vaccinations according to their age in the immunization timetable.

Prepare your Spirit:

The pilgrimage is a religious journey. To fully fulfil this journey, it is necessary to have sincere intentions towards ALLAH Almighty in Hajj or Umrah, and to perform all the actions according to Sunnah (tradition of the Prophet PBUH).

You must acquire knowledge of:

1-The Rites And Rituals:

For those who wish to carry out the Hajj or Umrah, we highly suggest that you study the rites and rituals of pilgrimage following the Quran's and Sunna's rules to avoid any kind of ambiguity. (See the section 'the Rites of Hajj and Umrah'.)

2-The Invocations:

Try to learn by heart the invocations to utter in every site and in every situation. You are allowed to read the invocations from a book, yet, it is preferable to know them by heart so as to be extra focused on the invocation itself.

3-The Verses Of The Holy Quran:

In the similar line of thought, it is more worthy to pray with Surahs of your own choice.

4-Community Life:

Every Muslim is supposed to obtain a minimum of knowledge of his or her own religion. This religious journey will be a very good occasion for a person to expand its knowledge of the major lines of Islam, its history, the sacred Places. You will not have a better opportunity.The pilgrimage to Makkah will expose you to an actual intimacy with the other pilgrims; you all will share meals, prayers, rites, and even hotel rooms. It is significant to learn to live together with other Muslims. You need to be more helpful and friendlier.Do not hesitate to provide way to the oldest, share information which the others require, give advice, be pleasant, etc.

The pilgrimage to Makkah is compulsory only when one is completely healthy and wealthy enough to perform this rite and rituals without any debts or loans.The pilgrim should also ensure that the expenses of his or her Hajj or Umrah come from lawful and sincerely earned revenues.


Some drugs can cause allergic effects in the heat and sun! If you are having a long-lasting and regular treatment, please look for your doctor's advice.

Advice in case you got bitten by any insect or animal, etc…:

Before consulting the doctor, there are many simple and easy things to do that you should know:

1. Wash the skin wound with soap and water.
2. Rinse thoroughly.
3. Apply an antiseptic like dettol etc.

Numerous serious diseases are transmitted by insects, which can sting anytime either in the evening, at night, or even during the whole day.